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Environment Minister João Pedro Matos Fernandes said that only next week will the new Secretary of State for Environment be known and praised the work of Carlos Martins, who resigned this Thursday from the post.

The secretary of State for the Environment, who is outside the country, today asked for his resignation, after it was announced that he had appointed his cousin, Armindo Alves, to the deputy cabinet. Armindo Alves had already resigned on Wednesday.

Today, questioned by journalists at the end of a conference on climate change promoted by the Order of Engineers, the minister said that the appointment of a new secretary of state "will not be in the next few days" and denied that the resignation of Carlos Martins can pinch the own position.

"I do not see why. The Secretary of State, according to the law, made an appointment in 2016. It is clear that nothing was required of him at all, but he understood, generously, not to cause any embarrassment to the Government by keeping in the position he was in and decided to resign, "which happened quickly, said João Pedro Matos Fernandes.

The minister also spoke of Carlos Martins' "exceptional work", particularly in defining a new policy for water supply, for the urban water cycle, and also for waste, "in a circular economy perspective that this country did not have. ".

Matos Fernandes had already praised, in a statement, the work of Carlos Martins.

The minister reiterated that he "did not have the slightest idea" of the family relationship and that this never seemed relevant to him. "I've never gotten into these things in any of the nominations of any of my secretaries of state," he said.

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