Next season of Cine-Teatro Louletano with new auditorium – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Next season of Cine-Teatro Louletano with new auditorium - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Cine-Teatro Louletano has just announced its new season (January to July 2019) of artistic programming, continuing with a wide artistic offer aimed at differentiated audiences and guided by quality, diversity and originality, and thus continue to affirm this room shows as a reference in the south of the country.

In 2019, a new auditorium will be set up in the city, located at Solar da Música Nova (next to the Loulé Conservatory of Music – Francisco Rosado), which will strengthen and allow the implementation of new and ambitious projects and dynamics at the level of linked cultural to the performing arts, in a logic of network programming, concerted and complementary between this space and the Cine-Teatro Louletano. While the latter will continue to favor the presentation of diversified proposals, of greater breath, in the areas of Theater, Dance, Music and Multidisciplinary, the new auditorium will focus its action in a project of artistic and cultural mediation that will have as main vectors: of audiences to the universe of Music and its multiple derivations and dialogues; the formative (formal and informal) and reflective dimensions; art for childhood; artistic residences in the field of stage arts; and a close articulation, both with the Conservatory of Music and with the cultural associations of the Municipality and the school community.

With regard to programming for Cine-Teatro, the theater universe is a clear strategic bet of the grid of this semester, with the presence of several companies, directors and actors of national renown. There is also a very significant increase in the number of co-productions, a total of nine for this season (something not usual nationally outside Lisbon and Porto), with special emphasis on theater: Theater of the Tram, Terra, Carla Maciel, Catarina Requeijo, João de Brito, Ana Borges / corpodehoje – these being the last two creators based in the Algarve. It is also worth mentioning the accomplishment of an artistic order from Cine-Teatro Louletano to the already recognized quartet-director Ricardo Neves-Neves for a contemporary re-reading of the Feast of the Sovereign Mother, transposing this emblematic religious manifestation, in an unprecedented way, to a stage context.

The launch, also in co-production mode and in partnership with the Loule association Folha de Medronho – Association of Performative Arts of Loulé, of a new theater festival, called Tanto Mar, dedicated exclusively to pieces created by structures based in countries speaking the language Portuguese, thus promoting cultural lusophony in the Algarve region, is also an aspect to highlight this season.

The debut of the director João Samões in Loulé, the piece "Improvável" by ACTA – The Company of Theater of the Algarve and a new model of public presentation of the Scenarios – Theater Show of the Municipality of Loulé are ingredients that also mark the programming in the theatrical field .

The visibility of contemporary dance continues, in this case with the absolute debut in the south of Loulé of the new creations of two of the most prestigious Portuguese companies (Olga Roriz and Clara Andermatt, the latter co-produced by Cine-Teatro), or with the presentation of differentiating proposals, including an international dimension, integrated in the prestigious festival of the DeVIR organized by the CAPA – Center for Performative Arts of the Algarve, now in fifth edition under the theme "Denuncia".

The new season focuses, once again, on the Cinema universe with three thematic exhibits of undeniable relevance (Monstrare – International Social Film Show, Latin American Cinema Show and Italian Cinema Festival), bringing Loulé the latest and most production in these areas.

As far as Music is concerned, it is important to stress the continuation of a strong bet on the premiere in Loulé of shows that will first come to the Algarve or to the south of the country, making Loulé a cultural front and thus including first names line of the national panorama, such as Pedro Abrunhosa or António Zambujo (who will debut in the South their new albums), Cristina Branco, among others.

There is a concern to present special concerts that reveal innovative and unexpected ingredients at the level of actors, themes and / or formats, such as Sam The Kid & Mundo Segundo shows with Napoleão Mira (bringing together son and first time, on April 24), the tribute to Carlos Paião on June 15 (an absolute debut in the South of this format with several nationally renowned performers), the concert of the Algarve band Iris or the accordionist Nelson Conceição (which presents his new album), or the tribute "Por tierras do Zeca", which brings Zeca Medeiros, Filipa Pais, Maria Anadon and João Afonso on stage.

The reception of high quality artistic proposals that are part of the 365 Algarve program – which aims to reinforce and enrich the cultural offer in the so-called "low season" in the region – in this case with the West Side Story concerts (with pianists Armando Mota and António Rosado, accompanied by the Lisbon Percussionists) and the world premiere of the new work by Mário Laginha (with the Matosinhos Quartet), is also a key vector of programming. The continuation of the bet in classical music, with several reference events integrated in the FIMA – International Festival of Music of the Algarve, is also inserted in this logic of reception of events inserted in the 365 Algarve program.

The new season also reflects a very significant focus on programming directed to the school community of the Municipality of Loulé, covering a line that runs from the preschool (Catarina Requeijo presents the creation "É pro boy and girl", centered on an extremely current issue : the gender equality), passing through the 1st cycle (the recognized pair formed by choreographer Victor Hugo Pontes and pianist Joana Gama revisit the theme of night and fear, and the creator Ana Borges makes the apology of positivity in life with his new show of theater and dance "Abel and Amália"), until the teenage band, in which the Algarvian director João de Brito explores the following question: "Is friendship capable of surviving the change?".

There remain the regular lines that are based on the reflection and debate around themes related to Culture, Arts and Letters, as well as the valuation of local figures with a singular and relevant course (respectively, "Conversas à Quinta" and "Dos Sabores" of culture"). In 2019 are invited the university professor and cultural manager Maria Cabral, the director Nuno Carinhas, the conductor Osvaldo Ferreira and the musician (bass player) Marco Martins.

The continuity of a strategic option (begun in 2017), which consists of giving priority to the field of art for children (infants, parents and professionals working with this age group), through a strategic partnership with two national reference companies, the Musically Company (Leiria) and the Companhia de Música Teatral (Lisbon), continues to be a focus of Cine-Teatro Louletano programming. That is why next season several training actions, shows and lectures / debates focusing on this goal will be favored, in a partnership with both the kindergartens of the Municipality and the University of Algarve (Higher School of Education and Communication).

Concerning the program planned for the auditorium of Solar da Música Nova (which will open on February 1, 2019 with a special concert coordinated by Professor Manuel Rocha and involving the teachers of the Conservatory of Music of Loulé, the result of an order from the Cine-Teatro ), the bet clearly focuses on the area of ​​artistic and cultural mediation, presenting a work that sustains, nourishes and justifies the agenda proposed by Cine-Teatro. Thus, and in concert with the city's schools and the Conservatory of Music, a thematic week will be held in March around classical music coordinated by the prestigious conductor Osvaldo Ferreira, which will include several formats (concerts, training and performative conversations in the auditorium and in schools) that aim to bring the great public of the erudite musical language in an effectively accessible and attractive way.

Also in the line of musical mediation, Pedro Jóia, major figure of classical guitar, will begin the cycle "Instrumentalia" with performative conversations, masterclass and concert in carte blanche mode in May 2019, while the renowned Luísa Sobral opens the cycle " , revisiting themes that marked his life in a commented concert format. Also worthy of note is the start of a new musical cycle entitled "Illustrious Unknowns", whose main motivation is the valorization and presentation of musical projects (whether from the region or outside the same) emerging and / or unknown to the Algarve public. In this cycle will participate the project Galician Galopim and Raquel Ralha & Pedro Renato (former Belle Chase Hotel), Lince (from Sofia Ribeiro) and Pirate Cassette.

The art for children is also a priority in the programming of the new auditorium, with two training actions, one intensive and one immersive (the latter model in an absolute debut to the South after three years of occurrence at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon ), aimed at educators, animators, artists / musicians and mediators, to be held between February and July 2019 and energized by the aforementioned Theatrical Music Company.

Cine-Teatro Louletano is a cultural structure in the field of the performing arts of the Municipality of Loulé and is integrated in Rede Azul – Rede de Teatros do Algarve and in Network 5 Sentidos.



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