Night work and salary increase. Fectrans Explains How Much Drivers Will Earn With New Memo – The Economic Journal

Fectrans presented Thursday, August 15, some points on the meeting and memorandum of understanding signed yesterday between Fectrans and Antram. José Manuel Oliveira presented this morning to journalists what this memorandum of understanding means.

The coordinator of the union structure indicates that this memorandum "reflects a set of issues that are core in the current negotiation, which has been ongoing since May this year." José Manuel Oliveira clarified that this the content of last year's collective bargaining agreement provides for a revision of the salary matter every year but also "to make improvements, taking into account a set of needs" exposed in new clauses.

“This clarification memorandum cannot be disconnected from what is the protocol of May 17, as we saw yesterday a set of matters that are not clear or properly assumed, or are treated in a generic way in the protocol,” says José Manuel Oliveira.

The coordinator of the union structure reveals that the central issue of the negotiations focuses on wages. Still, he argues that today "the drivers' salary is made up of the base pay, salary supplement, clause 61, night work and daytime work."

“These are the headings that determine what a driver receives monthly. With the exception of the diuturnities, when one moves the other also moves ”, underlines José Manuel Oliveira. Therefore, when speaking of an increase from 630 euros to 700 euros, this means a larger increase for each worker at the end of the same month.

In the example of the Fectrans coordinator, a fuel driver would receive an increase of 266 euros per month with all contributions, while an international driver would receive an additional 140 euros per month and one from operations would receive an increase of 50 euros.

Meals, in turn, would have a 4% increase in contributions, and the allowances that would normally take a long time to pay would be made available to the driver upon his arrival in Portugal. “Night work is paid separately,” explains the coordinator.

Even if no worker is required to do overtime, by law, in "exceptional situations" they would be allowed to drive two more hours a day, which would add 48% of the sum of the monthly pay.

The value of health insurance is still under discussion, Fectrans indicates. "All that has been achieved so far has been the persistence of negotiation and intervention at the negotiating table," said José Manuel Oliveira at the end of his presentation of the memorandum with Antram.

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