No Antram or end in sight. Union and Government meeting for six hours – Jornal Económico

A meeting at the Ministry of Infrastructure with the National Union of Hazardous Drivers (SNMMP) is still underway since 4 pm, the only one still holding the strike.

The Minister of Infrastructure, the Secretary of State for Employment and the National Union of Hazardous Drivers (led by Francisco São Bento) are still meeting to prepare a future mediation meeting.

The drivers strike may be about to be suspended. At the entrance, the union said it would lift the strike if all parties were present at the meeting. But Antram is not present, according to SIC Notícias.

The strike will only be suspended if negotiations begin between the union and the employer's representative, Antram.

According to SIC at the meeting attorney Bruno Fialho, the mediator of the conflict between drivers and bosses, was chosen by the Union of Hazardous Drivers.

This Friday, in a statement, the union admitted to suspending the strike as soon as it was called by the government to start the mediation process with Antram. The temporary suspension starts as soon as the government-mediated negotiations with Antram begin.

In the statement, the union says a mediator has been appointed this Friday, but the mediator has been appointed since Thursday by the Government.

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