NOS Alive: music made by women took over the stage Coreto – Showbiz

NOS Alive: music made by women took over the stage Coreto - Showbiz

A similar attitude has Sreya, already with an album recorded and another one on the way, for whom the important thing is to have fun. "A serious thing [a música] has not yet become, I hope it does not become, that it is always something with the minimum of seriousness necessary, "he told Lusa.

In 2017, he recorded the first album, "totally for fun" with Conan Osiris, because he wanted to music some poems he had written. As he liked "a lot" of the experience, he wanted to record the second, something he is doing, this time with First Lady. "If everything goes well, it leaves this year and I'm happy to do the third because it's very addictive," he shared.

Since he hears little music, Sreya has "few influences". Defining the music he does is not easy, but he says that when he heard his first album he thought, "I'm a little Wave Choc, I'm a Wave Choc of 2019". "But as I am in transformation now I am something else and if you continue to make music it will always be a different thing, but it will always have a 'q' of pimba, for sure," he said.

Also with recorded albums, but as band members, Marino, who was part of the Iconoclasts, and Chong Kwong, who integrated the La Dupla, presented today at NOS Alive themes from the debut solo albums they are preparing to release this year.

Marino, after a break after the end of the Iconoclasts, decided last year that he would not make it to another birthday "without recording at least one studio song." "I scored a studio week and left with a record," he told Lusa. The first singles were released in March and May and the feedback he has had is "very encouraging."

The song that does, he said, "is more in the universe of indie folk and indie rock." On the album, which arrives in the fall, "there are certain influences that are more glaring like Big Thief, Alanis Morissette, Smashing Pumpkins and Marco Mac." "It's a mix of all this, it's hard to answer that [que tipo de música faço], maybe it's the sound of Marino, "he said.

Having the opportunity to be at a festival like NOS Alive "is very good". "It's a sign that there was someone, at least who programmed the Bandtoto stage, who believes in me and my music and is an opportunity for people who do not know how to discover my music and, more than that, to be interested to know more and when disc leave maybe listen to the disc, "he said.

His experience in the musical world does not create the expectation of "bursting out." "I know how things work and I do not think my career will explode, things do not work out that way. As long as I can get some concerts and there are people who are going to be impacted by that, I'm already happy, "he said.

Chong Kwong is, admittedly, a "100% rapper", entered the world of music "by ear, to experiment".

One of the few women to 'rappize' in Portugal, Chong Kwong does not like to think of being a woman in a predominantly male environment. "I do not like to make the male / female distinction, even though there are few women in hip-hop. It turns out to be a bit like in the business world too, if a woman comes to a position of power, she will also always have to deal with that masculine energy. I try not to think about being a woman to rap, I want to empower or inspire regardless of gender, "he told Lusa.

Today, in the festival presented for the first time live themes of "Mother Daughter", the first solo album, which is "80 to 90% completed", after two EP and an album with La Dupla.

The concert at NOS Alive, which is also the first to solo, "is another stone in the castle, an achievement". "One of those little victories I want to celebrate and I'm proud," he said.

His ancestry – "half Asian, half African" – is reflected in the music he makes, but he considers that, "above all, music is freedom." "I think the person has to listen and if you like it and it's a good sign not to catalog it," he said.

The Coreto stage has still housed a 'secret show', a surprise performance by Márcia, also female and Portuguese.

The 13th edition of the NOS Alive festival, taking place on the Passeig Marítimo de Algés, ends on Saturday.

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