NOS Alive: Vampire Weekend return in November to Portugal

NOS Alive: Vampire Weekend return in November to Portugal

The Vampire Weekend left the stage, around 00:30, and on the screens that flank it appeared the announcement: November 26, Lisbon Coliseum, Father of the bride tour. Moments before, the band's vocalist, Ezra Koening, had promised that the next time they came back it would not be six years from now, the time they had not played in Portugal since the last time.

Although they recreated on stage at the Passeig Marítimo de Algés, the cover of the new album, "Father of the Bride", the band's fourth, released in May, Vampire Weekend chose to present on the main stage of the Alive festival an alignment focused on career started in 2006 in New York.

From "Father of the Bride", which has an image of Earth on the cover, the singles "Harmony all" and "This life" and "Sympathy" and "Bambina" were heard.

Far from the headlong floods of previous years, the Vampire Weekend managed to gather thousands of people in front of the main stage, but many were dispersing, perhaps blamed for some longer instrumental moments.

Topics such as "Cousins", "A punk", "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa", "Oxford Comma" and "Diane Young" were among those who got the most effusive reactions from the audience, where someone had the right to listen to the music that asked the band through of Instagram's social network.

"Someone on Instagram wanted very much to hear this song. I do not know who you are, but this is for you, "Ezra said before hearing" Hannah Hunt. "

In the middle there was still time for a version of Bob Dylan's "Jokerman" and for "New dorp. New York, "SBTRKT's theme to which Ezra lent his voice.

At the beginning of the concert, the singer shared how "good" it was to be back in Portugal and had "spent too much time" since the last time in 2013, also at the NOS Alive festival.

"It will seem that we are just saying, but we had some of the best concerts of our career in Portugal. It's good to come back after six years, "he said almost at the end of the concert, which ended with" Ya hey. "

Contrary to previous years, on Friday he was circulating without difficulty between the seven stages mounted on the premises.

The venue opened at 3:00 p.m. and the music started on the main stage at 5:00 p.m., with the first bands – the Spaniards Izal and the American Perry Farrell with the Kind Heaven Orchestra – playing for a few hundred people.

As the evening drew nearer, it also became more public.

On Friday, the NOS Alive poster also included Primal Scream, Greta Van Fleet, Grace Jones, Johnny Marr, Plutonium, Dillaz, Cristina Branco, Chong Kwong and Marinho.

After the Vampire Weekend they would still play the Gossip on the main stage. On the secondary stage still lacked Deejay Kamala and Cut Copy and in the Clubbing Saint Jhn and Delaporte.

The 13th edition of NOS Alive ends today.

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