"Not in 10 years" will be able to give teachers full time back – The Economic Journal

In an interview with TVI, António Costa said that he has "a great respect for teachers" and that he knows "as well as for decades, successive governments have created illusions".

And that I do not do. You can all vote against me, look, I'm sorry, "he said.

"I will not create illusions to say that I will return the completeness of the time, because I know that I just will not go, as no one goes. And, it's not going to be this year or the next, or in 10 years, because financially it's not possible to do that, "he said.

For António Costa, "it is not possible to be fair to teachers and all other careers in the same circumstances, without this implying brutal cuts in spending or huge tax increases."

So he added, "this is not going to happen."

"I'd rather speak truth and say [que] What we think is possible is to give teachers two years, nine months and 18 days back, equivalent to 70% of each progression module in other special careers, and continue a path that the country has followed, where it has managed to reduce deficit and debt, has managed to grow above the European average for the first time and with a significant reduction in unemployment, "he said.

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