Null and white votes add up to 4.48% and are political “fifth force” ahead of CDS – Jornal Económico

According to data available on the website of the Directorate-General for Internal Affairs (DGAI) at 10:20 pm, in the legislature this Sunday, the percentage of blank votes was 2.65% (102.408) and that of null votes was 1.83%. (70,768). Thus, white and null votes reach 4.48%, out of a total of 173,176 votes when 110,000 parishes are left and the votes of 2,982 parishes are already cleared.

This result puts the white and null votes as the “5th political force”, in fifth place behind PS, PSD, BE and PCP and ahead of the CDS, at a time when these parties reach 36.8% ( 1,422,248 votes), 29.1% (1,121,220), 9.31% (359,814), 6.02% (232,803) and 4.36% (168,587), respectively.

In 2015, white votes totaled 89,196 (2.14%) and whites 59,127 (1.65%), a total of 3.79% lower than the result of these votes, which now stands at 4.48% in the elections. this year when the results of 110 parishes are still missing.

Considering the white and null votes as a protest, the 2019 parliamentary elections could thus lead to the conclusion that the protest was heightened. A phenomenon that will be joined by the abstention that could also bring record results in these elections with percentages between 43% and 52%, according to television projections advancing earlier this evening.

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