Óbidos and Paraty literary festivals create permanent spaces for content exchange – Showbiz

Óbidos and Paraty literary festivals create permanent spaces for content exchange - Showbiz

The Folio – International Literary Festival of Óbidos will be held in Paraty, Brazil, "a partner house with contents that can be enjoyed throughout the year," announced the mayor of Óbidos, Humberto Marques.

The opening of this space is part of a partnership with FLIP – International Literary Festival of Paraty, whose director, Mauro Munhoz, also announced the opening in Óbidos of "a laboratory to think literature and territory" and to define "strategies joint "events that the two festivals may develop in the future.

The collaboration between FLIP and Folio started this year with the Brazilian party to bring to the event of Óbidos some writers who participated in author's desks and the launch of books.

But at a table where they participated today, those responsible for the two festivals discussed the differences and similarities between the two territories whose development is linked to literary events.

In the case of Paraty, Mauro Munhoz told the Lusa news agency, Flip has been able to solve "the problem of tourism demand that only happened in the summer" and contribute to the local economy "in the lower epoch."

The literary festival, which, according to the same official, "has a budget of around 1.2 million euros and attracts about 26 thousand people" Paraty allowed "the rehabilitation of the main square" and the development of the territory.

In Óbidos, where in the last four years Folio has affirmed it as the most visible aspect of a "development" strategy based on creativity and culture, the autarchy is now betting on "internationalization", extending its partnership with Paraty.

In addition to this partnership, Sociedade Óbidos Vila Literária, a partner in the organization of Folio, is also preparing a collaboration with SESI – Social Service of Industry, whose manager, Rodrigo Faria Silva, told Lusa he is planning to "edit books by Portuguese authors in Brazil and of Brazilian authors in Portugal ", in a collaboration that could extend to" residences of writers in both countries ".

Divided into five chapters (Authors, Folia, Educa, Ilustra and Bohemia), The Folio – International Literary Festival of Óbidos takes place in the village until October 7.

The event provides 831 hours of programming that will involve 554 direct participants, among authors, thinkers, artists and creatives that integrate the 26 tables of writers, 25 concerts and 13 exhibitions, in a program with more than 185 activities.

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