October is the month of the elderly in Portimão – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

October is the month of the elderly in Portimão - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

The International Day of the Elderly, set up by the United Nations (UN) and celebrated annually on October 1, sets the tone for the senior community of the Senior Care Centers and Community Centers of Portimão to have an agenda throughout the month especially rich in activities and new experiences, where there will be no shortage of rides, music, lectures and awareness actions and an exhibition of the works carried out throughout the year.

Fostering the interpersonal relations of the elderly with other age groups is one of the main objectives that guide the day to day of the different municipal infrastructures of support to the senior community namely the Community Center of the Cross of the Midwife, Coca Maravilhas Community Center, Convivio Senior Center, Center of Convivio Aldeia das Sobreiras and Association of Retired of Pontal-Portimão and Not Only.

The result of the work carried out during the year with the users of these institutions will be presented at the "Generations" Exhibition, which will be open until October 30, at Casa Manuel Teixeira Gomes, where the different manual and work tasks can be appreciated, namely some pieces of trousseau for newborns, which were developed with all the affection and dedication to be offered at Christmas time, to institutions or to the Maternity Hospital of Barlavento Algarvio itself, as well as other works that result from the talent and creativity of senior hands which had the collaboration of young people from the Community Centers.

Meanwhile, on October 3, to mark the rhythm of this month of activities, the traditional Baile da Desfolhada took place in the Aldeia das Sobreiras Conviviality Center.

On the 12th, a tour of the Buda Eden Garden in Bombarral will be scheduled, with places reserved only for users of the Senior Care Centers and Community Centers, while on October 29, open to the participation of the entire senior population, will take place at the Senior Convalescent Center of Portimão, a lecture on Chronic Diseases and its consequences, promoted by a sick person from the Health Center.

In the Senior Center of Aldeia das Sobreiras there will be space for many other activities, from an intergenerational dance meeting with some students of the Tité College; treatment of aesthetics and beauty promoted by the Servilusa until an afternoon of music with the performance of the group of cantares Alentejanos of the Association Senior Self-taught of Portimão.

Senior Care Centers and Community Centers in the Neighborhoods Camararios are meeting and activity points for the elderly

Aimed at providing a higher quality of life and contributing to the physical and mental well-being of the senior population of the municipality, the municipality has been creating and streamlining specific support structures for the municipality's senior community, namely the Senior Care Center of Portimão and Aldeia das Sobreiras, which give a daily response in the fight against social isolation.

The Aldeia das Sobreiras Conviviality Center is attended daily by 25 seniors who meet here, have lunch and develop a daily / weekly leisure program that includes computer science, crafts, crafts, choral group, traditional dance and matinee dancing and other recreational, sporting and socio-cultural activities, as well as awareness actions and blood pressure screenings.

The day-to-day routine of the Senior Care Center in Portimão is marked by regular weekly activities such as blood pressure checks and blood glucose control that are performed every Tuesday by a volunteer nurse. The literacy and computer classes are a reference for its users who also have at their disposal workshops, fabric painting and gym classes, within the scope of the Exercise and Health Program, which take place, in this case, in the Gymnasium Pavilion. Other occasional activities, such as cultural tours, movie screenings and walks are part of the users' agenda.

Registration is open throughout the year for any of the Senior Care Centers, simply by filling out a confidential characterization form filling in the Center itself or contacting the Social Action for any additional clarification, by telephone 282 470830.

The Community Center of Coca Maravilhas and the Cross of the Midwife are support structures created within the framework of the Program for the Integrated Management of Municipal Districts, which the Autarchy has advocated since 2000 with a view to boosting community work through the promotion of various ludic and socio-pedagogical activities adapted to the characteristics of the different neighborhoods and their residents, especially among the older population.

In the Pontal District, the municipality also counts on the collaboration of the Pontal and Not Only Reformed Association in the development of community work in this neighborhood, with special emphasis on the dynamization of cultural, playful and pedagogical activities destined mainly to the senior population.



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