Odeceixe hosts new surf coaches course

Odeceixe hosts new surf coaches course

Odeceixe Surf School Algarve Portugal and Universidade Lusofona once again promote the 3rd Degree Surf Coaches Course 1 in Aljezur at the beginning of the year 2021.

After the success of the realization in the last years of the Surf Coaches Grade 1 in Aljezur, and according to the organization, there was a need to take another course, because of the number of people who joined it as well as the quality and certification of the course through the Lusophone University.

Aljezur has been asserting itself as one of the favorite destinations for practicing beginners and intermediate surfers in Portugal, «we feel the need to accompany this development with specialized training in the area of ​​surfing». It is in this sense that the Algarve village of Aljezur appears Surf Coach Training Course Grade 1. «The goal is to give more quality, safety and prestige to those looking for the Algarve as a surfing destination», says David Rosa responsible for Odeceixe Surf School Algarve Portugal

This surf course is recognized by the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth. This training will be held in the beginning of 2021, from Thursday to Saturday, after work hours.

Registrations can be made through the website. After the curricular training period of each class, an internship will last between 6 and 12 months.


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