Odemira boosts nautical tourism

Odemira boosts nautical tourism

The Odemira Nautical Station is in the certification phase, following the Municipality's application, in order to integrate the network of Nautical Stations in Portugal and covering three poles along the course of the River Mira – Vila Nova de Milfontes, Odemira and Albufeira de Santa Clara, with the objective of aggregating, dynamizing and enhancing the network of local agents linked to nautical tourism.

The partner entities will be organized in a network, following an action protocol and bringing together a set of nautical activities and other relevant activities and services to attract tourists and the general population, adding value and creating diverse and integrated experiences linked to culture and the environment place.

The Nautical Station of Odemira will be coordinated by the Municipality of Odemira and will have as regional partners the Regional Tourism Authority of Alentejo and Ribatejo and the Regional Tourism Promotion Agency of Alentejo. At the local level it will involve the Clube Náutico de Milfontes, Clube Náutico do Litoral Alentejano, Clube Fluvial Odemirense, Foz do Mira Association, Grouping of Odemira Schools, Casas Brancas Association, Rota Vicentina Association, CACO – Odemira Council of Artisans Association, companies of tourist entertainment and maritime-tour operators, accommodation units and restaurants.

The Network of Nautical Stations in Portugal has 24 certified Nautical Stations and several in the process of certification (including Odemira), which have the partnership of more than 800 partners, including companies, municipalities, intermunicipal communities, associations and entities with intervention in nautical recreational and nautical tourism.

The process of development, promotion and certification of Nautical Stations in Portugal stems from the Portugal Nautical project, developed by the Portuguese Business Association in cooperation with Forum Oceano, with the support of Public Administration organizations, to boost the nautical tourism sector.


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