Odemira Mountain Bike "Between Rio and the Sea" – DiariOnline

Odemira Mountain Bike "Between Rio and the Sea" - DiariOnline

The next moment of the Odemira Mountain Bike Cup is scheduled for October 21, with the 10th "Between Rio and the Sea" competition held in the parish of Longueira / Almograve.

The organization belongs to the Mountain Bike Section "The Duraizos" of the Cultural, Recreational and Sports Association of Longueira, Municipality of Odemira and Parish Council of Longueira / Almograve. The race will have two courses, 25, 45 and 70 km (ride, half-marathon and marathon). Entries must be made by October 16th through the website at www.apedalar.com

From the month of June until November, the 5th edition of the BTT Confectionery Cup is held in the municipality of Odemira, which includes five cross country events in a partnership between the clubs and the local authority. The objective is to affirm Odemira as a territory of excellence for the practice of BTT in terms of tourism, leisure and competition.

The winners of the 2017 MTB County Cup will be known in the last competition of the competition, scheduled for November 4, with the 6th edition of the "Southeastern Southeastern" competition, organized by the Southwest BTT Club in S. Teotónio.

At the end of the MTB Town Council, monetary prizes will be awarded to the top three men and women. The final classification of each athlete is established by the sum of the points conquered.



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