Odemira promotes online meeting

Odemira promotes online meeting

A participatory meeting is scheduled for June 25, at 6 pm, through videoconference, within the scope of the 2020 participatory budget (OP) promoted by the municipality of Odemira. Participation is subject to prior registration, via e-mail [email protected].pt.

Bearing in mind the Covid-19 pandemic, the Odemira PB since this year has been totally dematerialized: the proposals are presented exclusively in digital format, through the online page, and the participation meeting will be held by videoconference.

The OP is also thematic for the first time, dedicated exclusively to the “Environment and Climate Change”, a decision that aims to "boost and provide awareness for sustainability, preservation and conservation of the environment", explains the chamber. Proposals in the areas of energy and water efficiency, optimization and collection of waste, alternative energies and removal of invasive species, among others, are eligible. The phase of submission of proposals for municipal investments ends on June 30th.

This public participation process affects the global amount of 300 thousand euros of the municipal budget, with 150 thousand euros for projects promoted in parishes in the interior of the municipality with a population of less than 1500 inhabitants and 150 thousand euros for projects in coastal parishes or with population more than 1500 inhabitants. Projects across the territory can be presented. Proposals, both material and immaterial, must not exceed the value of 75 thousand euros, including project development costs, as well as VAT at the legal rate in force.

After the technical analysis, the voting phase will take place during the month of November, where citizens will decide which proposals are to be implemented by the municipality. All citizens from the age of 14, residents, workers or students in the municipality can participate in the participatory budget of Odemira.


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