Odemira starts new cycle of Participatory Budget – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Odemira starts new cycle of Participatory Budget - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

The bidding phase for the Odemira Participatory Budget, which in 2019 introduces the possibility for citizens to propose immaterial projects, will run until June.

The citizens of Oman will then decide, through a vote, the proposals to be made by the municipality, in the total amount of 500 thousand euros.

All citizens from the age of 14, residents, workers or students in the municipality can participate in the Participatory Budget of Odemira. The proposals must be submitted in an individual name, through the online page dedicated to the initiative, at the One-Stop Shop of the Municipality, BU's KIOSK of Colos, Sabóia, S. Teotónio and Vila Nova de Milfontes and at the participation meetings to be held in all the parishes. Material and immaterial proposals may be submitted, in the areas of competence of the municipality, that focus on investments of collective scope.

The municipality affects the PO process the amount of 500 thousand euros. Of this amount, 250 thousand euros are destined to projects promoted in the parishes of the interior of the county with population less than 1500 inhabitants; the remaining 250 thousand euros are for projects promoted in the parishes of the county's coast and / or with a population of over 1500 inhabitants.

Proposals of a material nature should not exceed the amount of 125 thousand euros, including the costs of preparing the projects. Proposals of an intangible nature shall not exceed EUR 62 500.

The technical analysis of the submitted proposals will run between July 1 and October 15, including the period of 10 working days to present any complaints by interested parties.

During the month of November, the voting will be available through SMS, from the initiative's online page, at the One Stop Shop, in Odemira and at the headquarters of the Parish Councils.

Invigorated in an uninterrupted manner since 2011, the Participatory Budget is part of the municipality's strategy to "foster public participation through positive and constructive factors based on principles of proximity, transparency and opportunity."

In a logic "Odemira Municipality 100% OP", simultaneously with the Municipal OP, the processes of OP of the Parishes take place, for which the municipality allocates the value of 10 thousand euros for each of the 13 parishes.



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