Olhanense criticizes FPF for maintaining "notoriously illegal" decision and presents second appeal

Olhanense criticizes FPF for maintaining "notoriously illegal" decision and presents second appeal

Olhanense announced today that it has filed another appeal with the Justice Council of the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF), aiming to challenge the decisions made by the institution's management on May 14 regarding the Portuguese Championship.

At the meeting in question, the FPF management annulled the decision of 2 May to administratively promote the II Liga Vizela and Arouca, but later approved an addition to the regulations that allowed it, as a consequence, to again indicate the same two clubs for the ascent.

The regulatory amendment foresees that, in the event of the conclusion of the Championship of Portugal “before the qualification of the two clubs best classified in each of the series to dispute the“ playoff ”provided for in paragraph 6 of article 11, they rise to the professional competition, among the first classified in the four series at the date the competition was concluded, the two clubs with the highest number of points on that date ”.

According to Olhanense, the FPF management, "despite implicitly recognizing the invalidity of its original act", ended up creating a rule "to the exact measure of its pretensions and objectives" and that, reporting the production of the effects of that new article to date in which the Championship of Portugal had been concluded, it made it “so to speak about past facts, promoting, to that extent, its retroactive application”.

“It is unfortunate that the FPF seeks to disinform public opinion, claiming to have reinforced, in a meeting for this purpose, the legal security of the decision taken on May 2 instead of assuming that in practice what it did was to annul that act, for recognizing their invalidity ”, emphasizes the Olhão club.

Olhanense stresses that the FPF insists “to impose a unilateral and notoriously illegal decision, ignoring all consensual, fair and legally enforceable solutions presented by sports agents, clubs and associations”, accusing the institution's management “of contorting and violating rules and essential principles in a rule of law ”.

After having already lodged an appeal against the original decision of May 2, with the Justice Council of the FPF, Olhanense appealed again, in order to challenge the decisions of May 14.

The Olhão emblem is “convinced to fight to the limit of its capabilities, in defense of justice and legality, to reverse an arbitrary, illegal and seriously damaging decision to its rights and sports truth”.


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