Olhanense underlines that SAD debts can collapse club structure

Olhanense underlines that SAD debts can collapse club structure

Olhanense urged SAD today to manage professional football to immediately settle its outstanding debt to the club – about 100,000 euros in rent – which is "at risk of collapse."

“If this situation continues, starting next February, Sporting Clube Olhanense is in serious danger of being unable to meet its commitments,” the club said in a statement issued Thursday. market.

At stake is the possible failure to comply with the Special Revitalization Process (PER) that the club had to resort to due to financial difficulties, “which will translate into a catastrophe”, anticipates Olhanense's management.

Although Sporting Clube Olhanense has its situation regularized before the Social Security (SS) and Finance, SAD – in breach of the SS – is making it impossible for the club to sign program contracts with the municipality.

At risk are the formation football department and also the club-owned newspaper O Olhanense.

Olhanense management revealed that SAD – which owes 100,000 euros, regarding the use of the José Arcanjo Stadium since 2017 – has already resorted to its second PER, which is being considered by the court.

“In absentia from the club, it included the amount corresponding to its debt to Olhanense. To be approved, Olhanense is in serious danger of having this debt reduced to a much lower value, and even so, it may be settled in the long term, that is, up to twenty years ”, he stresses. the direction of the emblem of Olhão.

In the face of “the urgency that the matter demands”, Olhanense asked the SAD administration to immediately settle the amounts owed, “otherwise it would be subject to the deliberations that will be taken at the next general meeting”, for which it requests attendance “ members ”.

Remember, at the last election for the administration of SAD, the club decided not to appoint any administrator, as SAD “never accepted any suggestion from the club representative” – President Isidoro Sousa, who is suffering “several penalties. of a financial and judicial nature due to successive defaults by SAD ”.

Olhanense occupies the 1st place in the Serie D of the Portuguese Football Championship, in a position worth the qualification for the second league playoff.



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