Olhão distinguishes men from the sea on Fisherman's Day – Diario diariOnline Região Sul

Olhão distinguishes men from the sea on Fisherman's Day - Diario diariOnline Região Sul

The Day of the Fisherman, which the municipality of Olhão will celebrate again next Friday, 31, will serve for the autarchy to honor the people of Olhanense who make fishing their way of life.

In a county that is closely linked historically and economically to the sea, the official commemorations of the ephemeris begin at 4:00 pm in the Hall of the Town Hall, with the presentation of the campaign "Fishing for a Sea Without Garbage".

The main objective of Docapesca's initiative is to improve the management of waste on board vessels and in fishing ports, making fishermen aware of the importance of adopting or maintaining good environmental practices.

By promoting the selective collection of the waste generated on board and captured in the fishing gear and providing the appropriate infrastructures for its reception on land, this project joins fishermen and ports in improving the environmental conditions of the Portuguese coastal zone and in the preservation of marine ecosystems .

After the presentation of this project, the ceremony of the awarding of distinctions to the professionals of the fishing sector that operate in the county of Olhão follows, at 16:30.

Distinctions will be given in the areas of trawling, sieving, local and coastal polyvalent, aquaculture (mollusc farming), shellfish farmer, woman fishing, younger fisherman, maritime engineer, fisherman in progress, canning industry, innovation and career premium.

The prizes of the poster contests that illustrate the dissemination of the Fisherman's Day and the photo contest related to the theme will also be delivered during the ceremony.

The celebrations of the Day of the Fisherman in Olhão culminate in the Municipal Museum, a place with a great symbolic load, since it was in this building that once worked the Maritime Commitment.

In the space, the exhibition "Casa de Mareantes" will be inaugurated, at 17:30, followed by the tasting of seafood, organized in partnership with Docapesca.

With these initiatives, the municipality of Olhão recognizes "the importance of all those working in the various activities of the fisheries and aquaculture sector".



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