Olivais wants to win another trophy at home

Olivais wants to win another trophy at home


This Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the Eng. Augusto Correia Pavilion receives the Final phase of National Championship U19 Women. It is one more possibility that the Olivais win a national trophy at home and expectations are on the rise.

"We applied to this event in October, because it was our belief that Olivais would be disputing it," he began by mentioning, in the presentation of the event, the president of the Basketball Association of Coimbra (ABC), Luís Santarino. After the women's senior achievements, the manager expects "another great success" for the Olivais.

Coimbra's sport division head Marta Prata confessed that "it is a great pride for the city to follow these successes of the Olivais". "We are aware of the work done and for the city it is very important to have basketball as a sport reference," he added.

Full story in the print edition of this Wednesday, May 22, from Diário As Beiras

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