Oliveira do Bairro: Municipality delivered visors to local businesses

Câmara Municipal de Oliveira do Bairro

Oliveira do Bairro City Hall

The Municipality of Oliveira do Bairro delivered 400 protection visors to the parishes of Oiã, Palhaça and União das Freguesia de Bustos, Troviscal and Mamarrosa, to be distributed by traditional trade establishments.

The initiative appears, according to Duarte Novo, president of the City Council, following “the government's plans to authorize the reopening of more types of commerce in the coming weeks”.
For the leader of the municipality of Oliveira do Bairro, “traditional commerce is extremely important for our communities and for the municipality's economic development, and it is necessary to ensure that people feel safe, as traders and customers, with the appropriate protection measures , while avoiding the spread of covid19 ”.
Regarding the parish of Oliveira do Bairro, the local Board has already made a first distribution, with visors donated by the Professional Institute of Bairrada.
Anticipating an eventual need for more visors for local commerce, Duarte Novo guarantees that the municipality still has more units in stock and that “this was only the first delivery to the Boards that did not yet have this material”, referring also that “we remain attentive and available to make new deliveries to the Boards that need them ”.
For traders in the municipality who need protective visors, Duarte Novo advises to "contact your Parish Council, which will build the bridge with the City Council, if they no longer have units at that time".

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