Olympic kayakers reinforce Arade Beavers

Olympic kayakers reinforce Arade Beavers

The Kayak Clube Castores do Arade (KCCA) announced the hiring of two canoeists qualified for the Olympic Games, Emanuel Silva and David Varela, in a total of four reinforcements from Sporting.

The entire K4 team of the Leon emblem, which also includes Kevin Santos and Artur Pereira, will reinforce the Mexilhoeira da Carregação team, in the municipality of Lagoa.

“The athletes have performed some stages of preparation for the Olympic Games in the municipality of Lagoa, taking advantage of the excellent conditions provided by the municipality for the practice of canoeing. The invitation came at one of these stages and the agreement was formalized in the last week ”, emphasizes the Algarve emblem, in a statement.

Emanuel Silva participated in Athens'2004 in his first Olympic Games at the age of 18. In London'2012, he won the silver medal in K2 with Fernando Pimenta, and in Rio de Janeiro, in 2016, he was in 4th place in the K2 1000 meters, 296 thousandths of a bronze medal.

Emanuel Silva and David Varela are part of the Portuguese team qualified for the Tokyo Olympic Games in the K4 500 meters, in the company of Benfica athletes João Ribeiro and Messias Batista, who in the last World Cup got the 6th place, 15 tenths of the bronze".

“It is with great expectation and hope that we believe in winning an Olympic medal for this excellent team”, reinforces the KCCA.

Kevin Santos, Artur Pereira and the Algarvian Iago Bebiano, next week, will compete for the Portuguese spot in the K1 200 meters to participate in the Olympic qualification, through the European phase.

Four athletes are registered, of which three represent the Algarve club, this being a way to place a third athlete in the Olympic Games.

On the other hand, next weekend, on the 24th and 25th, national competitions will start, with the participation in the Portuguese Speed ​​Cup, on the Montemor-o-Velho track, for the cadet, junior and junior classes. seniors. The KCCA will compete with a reinforced team in a total of 22 athletes.


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