One detainee and four identified by incidents in the game Académica-Benfica

One detainee and four identified by incidents in the game Académica-Benfica


A man arrested and four people identified was the result of incidents on the benches of Coimbra stadium during the soccer game between Académica and Benfica on Saturday, Lusa told PSP.

Due to incidents between supporters of the two teams that forced the interruption of the private game at minute 30, the PSP was forced to intervene, having arrested a man and identified four other people.

One of the supporters needed hospital assistance due to a fall, after having been seen on the athletic track of the Estádio Cidade de Coimbra.

Some supporters even entered the athletics track to escape the disrespect, which forced the intervention of the police.

According to the PSP, the disagreements began when elements of the académica de Coimbra cheerleaded invaded sector that was reserved for the adepts of Benfica.

At the end of the game, which Benfica won 8-0, the coach of the incarnate club, Bruno Lage, insurged against supporters who caused disrespect and called for the arrest of the rioters.

"Before I talk about the game, I want to talk about the 30th minute. This has to stop! There was an adept who went to the hospital and no one was arrested. We have to start arresting this malt, whether it's black, red, blue or green, "said Bruno Lage, outraged at the violence that forced the team to stop playing.

For the trainer, "too much time is spent talking about other situations" when these episodes of violence "are not to be tolerated and have to be seen in a different way."

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