Online advertising: Now there is a code of good practices for companies and "influencers" – Internet

Online advertising: Now there is a code of good practices for companies and "influencers" - Internet

The Consumer Directorate-General today launches a code of good practice on advertising in the digital environment. What is allowed in social networks and the clear identification of ads are areas covered.

The idea is to explain in a "simple, didactic and pedagogical" way the application of the advertising code in digital channels, aimed, in particular, at influencers and advertisers. The clear identification that there is a payment that supports a certain mention in a post on Facebook or Instagram and the specific mandatory provisions when mentioning the areas of credit, health, alcoholic beverages or that are addressed to minors are also part of the recommendations of the Information Guide on the rules and good practices in commercial communication in the digital environment that will be launched this morning at the Directorate General of Consumers in Lisbon.

"We have invested heavily in raising awareness and empowering citizens in general and economic operators to comply with the advertising code […]. What we intend with this document is, precisely, to translate into a simpler, more didactic language [e] more pedagogical some of the most relevant provisions of the advertising code, "said Secretary of State for Consumer Protection, João Torres, in statements to Lusa.

According to the official, the forms of communication on digital channels are "very comprehensive challenges" for society and imply "great awareness", hence the need for a guide that explains the most important provisions of the advertising code.

"We are not making any changes of a legislative nature. We are better at empowering society with a set of rules and good practices that must also be verified at the level of digital channels," he said.

The Secretary of State for Consumer Protection also pointed out that the guide in question covers areas which clarify, for example, that "identification of advertising is compulsory" in all circumstances, including communications on the internet and in particular on social networks .

"This document also explains that […] a publication in a digital channel is considered commercial communication when there is some type of relationship that implies a payment of a monetary value, "said João Torres.

On the other hand, the guide to rules and good practice also has some specific provisions on publications with reference to credit, health, alcoholic beverages or aimed at minors.

"We try to make a simplification contribution to the way the advertising code is communicated to people. We understand that this is of course our responsibility, so that the advertising code is understood in a simpler way by all potential and potential stakeholders and so we can empower people and sensitize them to law enforcement, "he concluded.

The Directorate General for Consumer Affairs (DGC) is a public body of the Ministry of the Economy that carries out consumer protection policy in Portugal through information and awareness-raising initiatives in various sectors.

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