Online classes started again in Portimão, with “normality”

Online classes started again in Portimão, with “normality”

In order to make it possible to restart online classes, following the current confinement due to covid-29, the municipality of Portimão advanced with several measures, in conjunction with the directions of the five school groups in the municipality, namely providing students with computers and tablets with access internet and providing daily meals.

Tablets, in a total of 884 units, were acquired last April by the city council of Portimão and are aimed at primary school students, aiming to ensure and promote equal opportunities in access to education. Computers from the Ministry of Education are also being used to enable children to National Distance Learning Plan.

In addition to this measure, more than 400 meals are currently served in eight school cafeterias, either in the takeway regime or in person. In the latter case, students with social support are covered who, exceptionally, continue to attend schools.

On the other hand, 37 students are already attending a host school, all of them children of health professionals, members of the security forces and other public service workers considered essential.

The measure, adopted following the suspension of teaching and non-teaching activities within the scope of covid-19, aims to allow the fulfillment of work duties by professionals who have nowhere to leave their children.


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