Online commerce is already the site of purchases of 90% of the Portuguese – Business

Online commerce is already the site of purchases of 90% of the Portuguese - Business

A Mastercard study of Portuguese behavior on online commerce revealed that 90% of the population shop online, and 30% do it at least once a month. Another 30% of Portuguese shop online every 2/3 months.

The most purchased products are clothing, footwear, accessories, standing out in 21% of the preferences of the inqueridos. And the behavior is transversal to different generations, in an identical way, says the study. The following preferences are Ebay (20%) and Fnac (18%), which registers the same percentage of choice on the Chinese website Alexpress.

Bank reference continues to be the most widely used form of payment by the Portuguese. The virtual card is the second most used (35%), the credit card (29%) and the bank transfer comes with (18%).

For the trips, 81% of the Portuguese opt for the online purchase of the tickets and reservation of stays, being paid mainly with the credit card (42%). However, when part of a holiday, the Portuguese do not risk and always raise money before the trip, with only 10% raising in the destination. Already 35% of the Portuguese choose to pay the expenses in the destiny with card.

The Portuguese are not yet fully capitulated to mobility platforms, and only 28% say they have apps installed, with overwhelming preference being given to Uber (87%). And on the virtual wallets, 80% of Portuguese use them in online purchases, and 71% of users prefer Paypal.

According to Paulo Raposo, general director of Mastercard in Portugal, the numbers are a good indicator, although still very modest, considering the pace with which online commerce is growing. It also highlights the importance of the increasing use of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices in the behavior of the Portuguese in the coming years. The company stresses that checkout solutions are still not ideal, and it is necessary to submit simpler forms of payment to make the online shopping experience better.

In 2018, Mastercard introduced the MasterCard Digital Enablement Service (MDES) technology that facilitates online shopping on websites and apps, introducing an additional layer of security. The company expects to introduce identification solutions through the end of the summer through biometric authentication.

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