Only in 2018 have been stolen $ 927 million in crypto-currencies – Internet

Only in 2018 have been stolen $ 927 million in crypto-currencies - Internet

Digital currencies continue to "suffer" with the interest of the world of crime. This method of payment is also often being used to purchase online services for criminal purposes.

Only during the first nine months of this year, $ 927 million in Crypto-Coins were stolen. According to CipherTrace, the thefts were carried out with computer attacks, which were mostly conducted to intercept transfers.

The US company, which specializes in cyber security, explains in a recent report that the number of petty thefts (between $ 20 and $ 60 million) has also increased. In the third quarter of the year, $ 173 million was stolen in this way.

CipherTrace claims that the emergence of more than 1,600 digital coins has sparked the interest of more hackers in the crypto-coin world, which of course increases the risk of fraud. According to Dave Jevans, CEO of the company, there are at least 50% more criminal transactions than those identified in the investigation that preceded this report.

In addition, the absence of legislation condemning digital money laundering is boosting a billion-dollar parallel market. Since 2009, writes technology, more than $ 2.5 billion has been laundered, only in bitcoins, only in the 20 largest digital exchange houses on the market.

Since it is possible to trace these transactions, CipherTrace also concluded that 236,979 bitcoins ($ 1.5 billion based on the current conversion rate) were spent on online purchases of services for criminal purposes.

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