"Only jobs are created through investments, whether domestic or foreign" – Jornal Econômico

"Situation improved drastically" in Angola, enhances oil ENI - O Jornal Econômico

The Angolan minister of State argues that investments, both Angolan and foreign, are important to create jobs in the country. "The best way to distribute national income is to create jobs. And only jobs are created through investments, whether domestic or foreign, "said Minister Manuel Nunes Júnior.

"We must increase employment in agriculture, agro-industry, manufacturing, fisheries and tourism. Only in this way will we have a truly sustained economic growth, capable of generating prosperity for all, "said the official.

"The program to Support Production, Diversification of Exports and Substitution of Imports (PRODESI) was designed with this purpose in mind, to develop the non-oil economy. This is a program that can not fail because it depends on the future of the country, "he added.

Regarding the Macroeconomic Stabilization Program and the Program for Support to Production, Export Diversification and Import Substitution (PRODESI), both supervised by Manuel Nunes are based on the voltface of the national economy, with urgency, but also with sustainability.

"For the period 2018-2022 an average growth rate of 3 percent is expected. The combination of positive growth rates with primary surpluses in the fiscal accounts will gradually allow Angola to present a more favorable fiscal position. We are working seriously for this, "reiterates the minister of Economic and Social Development who already provides some encouraging results. "

Also in the foreign exchange market, the road to 'normality' is made, he said. "Today, this gap (between the official and the parallel) will be around 20% to 30%, when at the end of 2017 it was around 150%", recalls Manuel Nunes Júnior, in Benguela, intervening on the indicators of the Executive the challenges of the Angolan economy.

The official also compared the fiscal framework of the last four years in the country: "On the other hand, it is also expected that from this year Angola will start a path of positive economic growth. This is an encouraging scenario especially for the business class. We are building a market economy in Angola and the motor of it is the private sector, not the state. The State should only play the role of regulator and coordinator of the development process. The true wealth creators of the country must be entrepreneurs. One can not speak of a market economy without entrepreneurs, without entrepreneurs, without risk-taking people based on the returns they expect from the investments they make. "

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