Operation "Easter" of GNR starts tomorrow – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Operation "Easter" of GNR starts tomorrow - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

The National Republican Guard (GNR), from April 18 to 22, under Operation Easter 2019, foreseeing a significant increase in traffic flow, will intensify patrolling and surveillance on the main roads, with the objective of reduce accident rates and support road users by providing them with safe journeys.

Traditionally, this period is characterized by the reunion of families and because it corresponds to the period of school and professional vacations of many Portuguese, generally provoking a significant increase of the road traffic, as a consequence of the displacements of countless people from the places of habitual residence for the regions of source. Still contributing to the increase in traffic, particularly in the main routes of connection to the neighboring country, it is expected that a large number of citizens of Spanish nationality will take the opportunity to visit our country.

The GNR, through the Territorial Commands and the National Transit Unit, will be particularly concerned about the risk behavior of drivers, especially those that jeopardize their safety and that of third parties.

Thus, the GNR military will be particularly attentive:

Dangerous maneuvers;

To the correct signaling and execution of maneuvers of overtaking, of change of direction and of yield of passage;

Misuse of the mobile phone;

Driving under the influence of alcohol and psychotropic substances;

To speeding;

Incorrect use of seat belts and / or child restraints;

To the safety conditions of vehicles.

For drivers to have a safe Easter, GNR advises that:

Carry out a careful planning of travel, avoiding the periods of the end of the day, when greater traffic intensity is expected;

Rest conveniently before making the trip, and at least every 2 hours, or whenever you feel a need, make stops to rest;

They adapt the speed to the weather conditions, the state of the road and the volume of traffic;

Keep calm in situations of high traffic intensity, which may cause traffic to flow at low speed;

Avoid maneuvers that may result in embarrassment to traffic or contribute to the occurrence of accidents;

Adopt a careful and defensive driving, so that they contribute to the reduction of the number of road accidents.



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