Opinion: It is urgent to develop digital leadership in organizations – Opinion

Opinion: It is urgent to develop digital leadership in organizations - Opinion

By Ana Neves (*)

There is much talk about digital transformation but almost always from the point of view of technology and associated business models. However, reflection on the impact that digital transformation programs have on organizational leadership is dangerously scarce: the doors that open to current and emerging leaders, and the need to rethink organizational culture and work habits.

A 2018 Capgemini study reveals that many organizations are failing to get employees to follow their digital transformation journeys, and that only 35% of organizations feel that leadership is embracing the new behaviors required for digital transformation.

This is worrying as digital leadership is critical for organizations to extract value from their digital transformation efforts.

But, after all, what is a digital leader?

A digital leader is one who invites and respects the intelligence of the people with whom he works, contributing to the empowerment, empowerment and involvement of these people. It adopts digital collaboration and communication platforms to meet these goals, and uses them to extend the reach and impact of the new work processes that it puts into practice and wants to promote.

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Legend: According to the Knowledge Management Study of 2019, almost half of the intranets in Portugal still do not support collaboration or dialogue between colleagues

At intranets with components for multi-directional communication, collaboration and co-creation, can be powerful allies of digital leaders. But it is critical to know how to use them: not as beautiful stages for practices and processes inherited from old realities of work, but rather as facilitating and promoting instruments of a more agile and transparent work, truly capable of taking advantage of the network and enabling a genuine transformation of the organization.

Because the new intranets can contribute to the retention and availability of critical knowledge: employees are better able to respond in a timely manner, managers are freer for management and strategy activities, and the organization improves their performance.

The digital transformation of organizations involves a transformation of organizational culture and work processes and practices. They urge new leadership practices that take advantage of digital to their own personal development and better business results.

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(*) Ana Neves (@ananeves) is a partner and general manager of Knowman (knowman.pt), a consulting company in knowledge management and organizational learning, helping national and foreign organizations in the definition of strategies, design of operational plans, support the selection of digital platforms and impact assessment.
No Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ananeves/

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