Opinion: The training pieces that can not be missing in your wardrobe – Opinion

Opinion: The training pieces that can not be missing in your wardrobe - Opinion

Cegoc's Vera Borges uses a metaphor to show the importance of choosing the appropriate formative approach to each case, not as a mere fashion accessory but as the main piece of the wardrobe.

Vera Borges (*)

Has it happened to you to go to a clothing store and not find a model that suits you? Discovering an interesting piece, but that was not exactly the color or the format you were looking for? Or even get to buy an article, but then when you look around you it seems that everyone is dressed equally? It serves the metaphor to show that with lifelong learning exactly the same thing happens – the same formative approach does not fit all. What's more, we should not even consider training as a mere fashion accessory, but rather as the main piece of the wardrobe.

Thus, not all employees in an organization have the same needs and expectations, outfit that best corresponds to their professional objectives and those of the organization where they are inserted. That's why personalizing training is so important, instead of "using" other models already on the market, simply because they are "in fashion", but do not even fit our taste or style … just like at the ready to wear. Customizing the training paths according to the organizational and individual objectives of each participant is fundamental to developing, more effectively, the introduction of new concepts, techniques and know-how to improve habits, behavior and, above all, skills acquired in the workplace.

Here, technology is much more than a trend – it is the true promoter and enhancer of learning, capable of creating engaging, digital, and 100% transformative experiences that add aggregate unique value and combine effectiveness, flexibility and innovation. The wealth of the Digital Learning so much that it transcends large-scale transposition of online (e-learning). Digital Learning has evolved to a level that today incorporates a wide range of new and renewed services, formats and multimedia features that allow the user to Learning eXperience interactive, captivating and completely shaped to the profile and rhythm of each user.

As an example of this urgent need for reinvention in training, we can mention the 4REAL® (Real Efficient Adapted Learning) – the first formative solution that integrates the personalization of learning paths with their transfer to the context "on-the-job", Thereby ensuring immediately visible and measurable results. To this end, the 4REAL® use an exclusive LearningHub (digital platform), either in blended or online. They also incorporate several digital tools that adopt the most innovative technological formats that respond to the current needs and challenges of organizations, including virtual classes, engagement, profilers, quizzes, intensive training modules, videocasts, infographic, collaborative activities, among many others.

This is because remaining in the lead of the design of digital strategies applied to training means that we must create learning experiences that "establish that not even a glove" for each individual, team and organization. This is the key to achieving high levels of performance, based on the effective transfer of learning to the workplace.

(*) Digital Learning Advisor of Cegoc

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