Oppo Eliminates Waterfall Side Screen Frames – Mobile

Oppo Eliminates Waterfall Side Screen Frames - Mobile

The "war" of the best smartphone designs is far from over, between the introduction and "death" of notch, retractable cameras, glass holes, under-screen sensors, and other solutions to provide as much available area as possible on the desktop. display. Oppo has contributed innovative designs and intends to further refine its solutions, this time by eliminating the side bezels, giving the screen the so-called waterfall effect.

The idea is to round the side edges of the smartphone and where the frames should be, more area of ​​the screen follows the front fold to the sides of the device. In the background drinks from the concept of the infinite screens of the Edge models, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8. But by the prototype shown by the Oppo model by Engadget, the screen extends at the 88-degree side fold, left and right. No sign of sight of the front camera, so it should be hidden in one of the pop-up systems that the manufacturer already used.

The Chinese company did not share technical details of the smartphone or any release date, remembering that not all prototypes always see the light of day. Remember that Oppo has other innovative projects at hand, namely the introduction of a smartphone with a selfie camera allocated under the screen. Or a communications system called Mesh Talk, which does not require online calls and Wi-Fi up to a distance of three kilometers.

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