Outsystems.ai wants artificial intelligence to solve an unexplored stronghold: make the programmer's life easier – Computers

Outsystems.ai wants artificial intelligence to solve an unexplored stronghold: make the programmer's life easier - Computers

Artificial intelligence technology is being used in many areas but Outsystems believes that in the world of application development there is still a lot to explore and so it has just presented the Outsystems.ai platform, which is now available for free trial. "We are excited to share with you something that we believe will be the future and will bring many transformations," said António Alegria, Head of Artificial Intelligence at Outsystems, who heads a competency center in Lisbon

The platform is an evolution of the company's Turing project, and was presented at NextStep, first in Boston and then in Amsterdam, making it available for experimentation by the OutSystems user community.

"No one is looking at the use of Artificial Intelligence in software development," said António Alegria. This is one of the areas of focus of the Portuguese technology that has recently achieved unicorn status and is already recognized as a leader in low-code platforms, and argues that artificial intelligence can transform the software production lifecycle and accelerate in 25% the work of programmers.

António Alegria's team is working on how to integrate artificial intelligence systems in application development, planning the next step and making suggestions on how to join new functions while building an application. This eliminates part of the more "boring" process of software creation, where 70% are related to changes to the model, and are difficult to manage. The process was shown "live" on the NextStep stage in Amsterdam, before an audience of about 2,000 people, which included customers, partners and the developer community.

And how is this forecast of the "pieces" to be added to the application during development? António Alegria explains that OutSystems is using more than 12 million standards of anonymized data models, and in this way can help programmers take the next step in development in a simpler way.

While programming the user you have the possibility to use Outsystems.ai which makes the automatic suggestion of the code to use in this case. "In more than 90% of cases the suggestion is correct and we give three top options, depending on the level of confidence of the system," explains the head of the AI ​​unit of the technology, ensuring that this is a change that can have great impact in the productivity of development teams, because it is an assistant who is always present and ready to help.

"This is only the first step. We are opening the platform to anyone who wants to register to test, "said Antonio Alegria, explaining that this is an ongoing process and that the idea is to bring more people on board. Registration can be done online at the company's website.

OutSystems is also working with professors specialized in Artificial Intelligence of Instituto Superior Técnico and CMU to develop the platform and may formalize an agreement with these universities.

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