Ovibeja 2021 is canceled but the organization marks the event with a virtual fair

Ovibeja 2021 is canceled but the organization marks the event with a virtual fair

The Organizing Committee of Ovibeja decided to cancel the 2021 edition due to the pandemic situation by Covid-19 that the country is going through, informs it in a statement sent to the newsrooms.

Although aware of the importance that this event represents for agriculture and for all economic and social activities in the region, and even in the country, the Organizing Committee was obliged to recognize that the conditions to hold the 37th Ovibeja are not met. that have characterized this event since its inception. As an alternative, it was decided to mark the date with an Ovibeja in a modern format, using information and communication technologies and with various activities scheduled for April 22 and 23, 2021, read in the letter sent by the organization .

The fair program, which is under construction, will have no exhibitors or shows, but it is already possible to state that activities will be carried out in mixed format, online and in person, always in compliance with the hygiene and safety rules defined by the national health authority.

Young people linked to agriculture will be offered challenges, via the web and in person, that appeal to their technical skills (practical and theoretical), collaborative attitudes, risk management, organizational, leadership and sharing skills.

In order to encourage discussion and debate, with farmers and livestock producers, students, researchers, politicians, the 37th Ovibeja will organize web conferences on agriculture, livestock, climate change and biodiversity, olive groves and irrigation, the new CAP, among other areas of relevance to the sector.

The 37th Ovibeja will also be part of the 10th International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Contest – CA Ovibeja Prize, which is already receiving olive oil samples until March 19th. Among the objectives of the contest – one of the best quoted worldwide – and from Ovibeja, we count on the bet on quality, market potential and the ability to innovate with sustainability.

The organization of Ovibeja is the responsibility of ACOS, the Southern Farmers' Association with around two thousand members across the south of the country and with services for the entire agricultural, livestock and forestry sector. Ovibeja is a means of making known and projecting what is done in the field and how it is done, promoting the sharing of experiences and knowledge, contributing to the visibility and development of “All the Alentejo in this World”.


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