PAN announces "night of confirmation and consolidation of a political project" – The Economic Journal

The deputy in the Assembly of the Republic and spokesman for the People-Animal-Nature (PAN), André Silva, said Sunday that his party lives the "night of confirmation and consolidation of a political project made since 2011", after election of Francisco Guerreiro as MEP to the European Parliament.

"It is another historic night, against all expectations we have been able to elect a MEP," stressed the only MP of the PAN in the Parliament.

In the reaction of the PAN to the election of Francisco Guerreiro, André Silva, said that the voters vote in the PAN reflects the position of the traditional Portuguese parties that "continue with their backs turned towards the citizens" and in "political guerrilla."

The PAN spokesman also believes that the election of a MEP to Brussels serves as a balance sheet for the October legislative elections: "[Espero que] in four months we can continue to do this job of calling people to the ballot box, calling people to vote. "

André Silva also defended that a "new paradigm" was established and assured that the "PAN is not a fashion", arguing later that only "GDP can not be at the center of the political debate".

"There are more and more people seeing that we have answers," he said.

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