PAN highlights “big win” in the Azores and “good result” outlook in regionals – Jornal Económico

The People-Animals-Nature (PAN) party in the Azores underscored Monday the "big win" in Sunday's elections also in the region, where it "tripled the number of votes", looking for "a good result" in the 2020 regional to elect deputies.

“These results were a great victory given the number of voters who trusted the PAN. We have tripled our votes in the region. We were the fastest growing political force in the region. There was no talk about it during the election night yesterday [domingo] here in the Azores. It is a bit unfortunate that one tries to nullify the political force that is the PAN, ”said Pedro Neves, spokesman for the party in the Azores, speaking to Lusa.

In the Azores, the PAN was the fifth most voted political force, having won 2.65% of the votes (2,215), after the PS (40,06%), the PSD (30,21%), the BE (7,97). %) and CDS-PP (4.80%).

In the 2015 elections, the PAN was the sixth most voted political force in the Azores with 0.87% of the votes (815).

Stressing that the party “is the fifth political force in the Azores” and the “fastest-growing” party in the archipelago, Pedro Neves said that the PAN “has been working for four years on both animal, environmental and social issues”, receiving “The increasing confidence of the Azoreans”.

“For us, what interests us is the message to the Azoreans. People are getting closer and closer to PAN. And that is what we want to reinforce. We want to have a parliamentary representation in the Azores for the year and we will work for it ”, he underlined, adding that this growth of the party in the Azores“ gives encouragement to continue to work harder and harder, even with conservatism on the part of some cream of society. "

The main objective of the PAN for the legislative elections was to double the number of deputies, in order to create a parliamentary group, having exceeded the defined goal, according to Pedro Neves, considering Sunday's electoral act also as "preliminary" for the elections in the Azores in 2020.

“As they say are the preliminaries of the regional and we can measure the temperature in the Azores. Let's continue exactly with our messages that are very objective and unambiguous. Obviously the decision is made by the Azoreans, but given that we are always growing since we are in the Azores, from 2012 until this Sunday's elections, we continue to have good expectations, ”said the head of the PAN in the Azores.

The PAN elected four deputies in Sunday's elections, after having elected one in 2015, and will be able to form a parliamentary group, in legislatures in which the party doubled the number of votes, from 75 thousand nationally (1.39 %) to 166 thousand (3.28%).

With 36.6% of the vote and 106 deputies, the PS won the elections without an absolute majority and will have to try to repeat a leftist government solution, in an election marked by the historic defeat of the right and the entry of three new parties into the parliament (Liberal, Free and Enough Initiative).

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