PAN in a future contraption? André Silva available to negotiate with those who win legislative – The Economic Journal

After obtaining triple the votes in the European elections compared to 2014, and to be able to elect a MEP, the Party Animals Nature (PAN) is in route to be able to improve its result in the legislative ones of October.

According to the accounts made by the Economic Journal, if the results of the European ones were transposed to the legislative ones, the PAN would change from a Member to six deputies in the national Parliament.

The leader of the party, and only MP of the PAN in the Assembly of the Republic, guarantees that he is available to negotiate a possible parliamentary support to the Government that overcomes the legislative ones.

"With the possibility of supporting a party that does not have an absolute majority and whose parliamentary geometry needs the support of the NAP, depending on the results [do PAN], according to the specifications we put on the table and the acceptance of these specifications, we are available to sit down to see if there is or is not such a possibility, "said André Silva in an interview with SIC Notícias, referring to the possibility to form a 'PANgonça', the entry of this party into a possible contraption.

Asked about its electoral program for the next legislature, the PAN says it is not yet closed.

In turn, António Costa highlighted the "excellent relationship" of the PS with the PAN, noting that it has been a "partner" and that the "close proximity" relationship can continue.

"In these three and a half years we have had an excellent relationship with the PAN. I have the idea that the PAN never voted against the state budgets of this legislature and in some cases voted in favor. Although we have no joint position, we have always had negotiations with the NAP, especially in budgetary matters, "the prime minister said in an interview with SIC.

"It has been a partner, democracy is by definition a compromise scheme. The relationship with the PAN has been very close and can continue, "he said.

What if it was in the legislative? PS would be ten deputies of the absolute majority

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