PAN marks difference of the remaining parties with awareness for ecological footprint – The Economic Journal

The People-Animal-Nature (PAN) party mobilized 585 people and several non-attached participants in a campaigning action for the European elections, centered on the collection of urban, marine and mixed waste. The initiative served to make the PAN different from the other political parties and led to the collection of 15,175 liters of urban waste and more than 25 liters of beatas throughout the country.

The innovative idea was to gather residents inside and outside Portugal and sensitize them for the cleanliness of the spaces and the need to compensate for the ecological footprint. The campaign action took place across the country, through a platform online, which selected and regrouped, in just over two weeks, the groups and individuals enrolled by region. The platform also chose the site where they could contribute to the cleanup, joining the PAN team in different parts of the country.

"This clean-up initiative in Forest Parks, Beaches and Urban Areas, promoted in the digital environment, was a surprising achievement and fulfilled the objectives of the NAP to reduce the impact of the PAN electoral campaign to the European Parliament and make a difference to the ecological footprint of political parties, especially during campaigns, "the party source said in a statement.

Austrian MEP Thomas Waitz, who is part of the European Greens / European Free Alliance family, joined the PAN head of state, Francisco Guerreiro, in the cleaning action that took place on Saturday morning at Monsanto. The afternoon was dedicated to cleaning the beach on Costa da Caparica.

"In Portugal, every citizen produces almost 500 kg of garbage a year, but the scale of the problem increases substantially when it comes to the management of public spaces, especially during the electoral campaigns, with the amount of materials printed and distributed on the street," he points out the same source as the party.

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