Paraíso Social announces closure of the covid-19 case

Paraíso Social em Aguada de Baixo

The direction of Paraíso Social, in Aguada de Baixo, has just issued a statement to announce that the process on the 13 users and six collaborators related to covid-19, “which caused so many worries and anxieties, has been completed” and ended. We transcribe in full:

“The Social Paradise Directorate of Aguada de Baixo comes to inform you that yesterday, June 25, 2020, after having received the last results of the tests carried out on the 13 users and the 6 collaborators related to COVID 19, the process that so many concerns and anguish has caused, as everyone will surely understand, and according to all normsthose from DGS all stakeholders after two consecutive negative tests are cured. We think it is important to mention, once again, that neither before, nor during nor after, none of the test subjects showed any symptom of having the aforementioned COVID 19, that is, in the universe of 19 people, all asymptomatic, which is very strange.
We would like to express our deepest thanks to all the entities involved in this process, from the Health and Social Security Services, for the way they have always supported us and in a very special way to the Mayor of Águeda, as he was tireless. and he never hired efforts to help us overcome this delicate situation.
Also thank the family members of our users, for the understanding and serenity with which they have always faced this difficult situation and great respect for the effort that we were making to solve the problem.
Our thanks also to all the collaborators, who in a selfless way did not haggle over their efforts or sacrifices to even close the forced absence of colleagues “who tested positive” and in an even more demanding context with our users, given that even the elderly of the Day Care Center started to be cared for in their respective homes.
Also deserving of our special appreciation and gratitude are the Sociocultural Animator Dr. Miguel Valente, Technical Director Dr.ª Ana Conceição, Nurse Sara Bernardino and with emphasis on our Technical Director Catarina Gouveia, the great and first pillar of the Institution and our special support .
Still a word of thanks to suppliers, companies, institutions and many people who in various ways helped us in this difficult period, through solidarity messages or offers of material goods.
We will continue to maintain all the procedures we have used since the beginning of the pandemic in order to safeguard the safety of our users and employees to the maximum extent possible. ”

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