"Parasite": Korean director of "Okja" returns to Cannes with family drama – News

"Parasite": Korean director of "Okja" returns to Cannes with family drama - News

Ki-taek's family quickly takes advantage of the situation: by means of subterfuge, Ki-Woo makes his sister hired to give drawing lessons to his youngest son, then his parents as a driver and housekeeper.

But if everything seems to go well for the coup family, the arrival of the "parasites" to the Park family will mark the start of uncontrollable gear.

With the story, 49-year-old Bong Joon-ho leaves behind the fantastic universe and big international budgets of his last two films, "Expresso do Amanhã" (2013) and "Okja", a controversial film in Cannes by whether or not Netflix films compete in the official show.

The director chooses a much more intimate subject, with a high dose of suspense. By the way, like Tarantino, he wrote a letter urging critics not to reveal an important part of the story of his film.

Known for his satire of South Korean society, from "Memories of Murder" (2003) to "The Host – The Creature" (2006), Bong Joon-ho increases his propensity to portray the violence of social relations in a world where inequalities are amplified, relying on the genre film to better convey its message.

"Movie Ladder"

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Director Bong Joon-ho with actor Kang-Ho Song

"Parasite": Korean director of "Okja" returns to Cannes with family dramaelements in

Director Bong Joon-ho with actor Kang-Ho Song

"I actually do genre films, but not in a classic way. I try to transcribe messages about society breaking codes," Bong Joon-ho told a news conference on Wednesday.

"Since the 2000s, there has been a major evolution in gender films in South Korea, without having to follow US codes, and we have imprinted our mark on telling stories that are reflections of social or political issues. in imagining that there are no such messages in South Korean films. That aspect has become our specificity, "he added.

"Parasite", described as "ladder film" by its author, "describes what happens when two classes clash in this increasingly polarized society," but also contains what makes the Korean filmmaker's seasoning, that is, his ability since "Memories of Murder" of making violence and humor more than mere artifice on the screen.

"My experience in this film was very similar to that of 'Memories of Murder,' because the film shows intimate details with a mysterious event," Kang-Ho Song, a Korean actor, told AFP.

Bong Joon-ho "has always had a vision that is sharp enough to radiograph the South Korean society. This has been felt in all his films for 20 years and that is why his In 'Parasite', we see his evolution as a filmmaker, but also through him, of South Korean cinema. "

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