Pardal Henriques says he is only a candidate “because of the prime minister” – Jornal Económico

Pardal Henriques, former spokesman of the National Union of Dangerous Drivers and current head of the Republican Democratic Party (PDR) for Lisbon to the parliamentary elections, told Lusa that he had only run “because of the prime minister. "

“Until the 18th [de agosto, dia em que foi desconvocada a greve dos motoristas], my decision was not to be a candidate by the PDR or the other parties that invited me […]. And what made me make this decision to be a candidate was the Prime Minister and the form and attitudes the government has taken against drivers and workers' rights in general, ”said Pedro Pardal Henriques, speaking to Lusa. by telephone after a campaign action at the Corroios Festivities.

The lawyer also added: “The absurdity that happened in this strike, of putting the state machine and the various entities that should have been serving the Portuguese but simply serving the interests of the Prime Minister and the Government, were the that made me decide to accept being a candidate for the PDR. ”

"So the only person who really changed my mind was the Prime Minister, because I think it's time for a party that really cares about workers' rights," reinforced PDR's now Lisbon list head. .

Pardal Henriques also considered the Prime Minister's statements "regrettable" in an interview with Lusa released today, and said that "if not for insecurity and fear […], are not explainable. ”

The campaign action in Corroios led the PDR candidate to say that he felt “people very angry at the government's attitude towards the workers”, thus giving “support” to his party.

The PDR had already issued a statement this morning in reaction to the interview, stating that it could not “stop rebuffing and regretting at least the unfortunate statements of Antonio Costa to Lusa, where it considers the strike of the matter drivers dangerous activities revealed an instrumentalization of workers in favor of a candidate and, at the same time, a naivete on the part of the media ”.

In the statement, the party believes that "António Costa is more afraid of independent unions than he is of his former" contraption "allies, probably because he has managed to shut them up and tie them up over the last four years."

And emphasizes that the prime minister, in the interview, “vehemently accuses the PDR of instrumentalising a group of workers for the electoral promotion of a candidate”, while still “criticizing the media, which he accused of 'naivete' in the treatment of the theme ”.

António Costa considered today in an interview with Lusa that the strike of the drivers of hazardous materials revealed an “instrumentalization” of workers in favor of a candidate and, at the same time, a “naivete” by the media.

"We clearly had a case here where there was an instrumentalization of a group of workers for the electoral promotion of a candidate," said António Costa, who gave the interview to Lusa at his official residence.

When asked if there might be political goals behind these so-called inorganic movements, the executive leader agrees: "If you remove the question mark that is useless in your question, you have the answer."

Costa, however, criticizes the media, which accuses of “naivete” in dealing with the theme: “I think it is absolutely extraordinary, if you will allow me, the ingenuity with which the media dedicated itself to promoting and bringing to someone's lap. he has a résumé, either with our emigrants in France, with the companies he has run, or with the illicit advertising he does for his business. ”

“This is what puzzled me, but I think surely the self-regulation of the media will have time to reflect on how it dealt with this issue,” he says.

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