Parking companies invoiced 124 million euros in 2018 – The Economic Newspaper

The management companies of parking places in Portugal generated 124 million euros in 2018, a growth of 3.3% compared to 2017, according to consultancy Informa D & B, this Thursday, July 11. Last year, the Spanish market accounted for 89% of the Iberian market, and grew 2.9% to EUR 1,050 million.

According to the data disclosed, in 2018 there were 255 companies in Portugal, while the number in Spain was 800.

In Portugal, there were 255 companies dedicated to this sector, while in Spain the number was 800. "The number of parking places in activity in the Iberian market amounted to 1,815,000, of which 1,520,000 in Spain and 295,000 in Portugal "Said Informa D & B.

In Portugal, 83 million euros were invested in parking infrastructures and 41 million euros in surface-regulated parking lots. In the Iberian market, "the turnover associated with the rental of parking places increased by 3.7% to EUR 840 million, while the value of seat management in 334 million. "

"The forecasts indicate that the growth trend of the Iberian car park management market will continue in the coming years, albeit with a moderate slowdown, in line with general economic activity, plus the impact resulting from the mobility policies implemented in the large cities, "says the company.

The company revealed that in Spain "the joint market share of the five main companies was 53%, while in Portugal the market share of the five main companies was 85%."

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