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The Parliament approved yesterday an amendment to the Government decree, clearly stipulating that the time of service to be recovered is the nine years, four months and two days claimed by the teachers. In a special vote of the Parliamentary Commission on Education and Science, which discussed and voted on the parties' amendments to the Government's decree concerning the count of time served to teachers, parties – with the exception of the PS, which voted against – approved a new wording of Article 1 of the diploma.

The full count of 3,411 frozen days was thus approved, but the wording does not define a timetable for the recovery of working time. The PSD continues to insist that the timetable will have to be negotiated again with the Government. "It was approved the full recovery of the time of service of teachers. It still has to vote the way, but the right has already been recognized, there is justice, "announced the deputy Joana Mortágua, BE, in a message published on the social network Facebook, while the session was still taking place.

At the beginning of the session, Margarida Mano, from the PSD, considered it "essential" that the Assembly of the Republic ensure the "correction of the frozen time of service" of teachers. Instead of two years, nine months and 18 days approved by the Government, the PSD defends the accounting of the nine years, four months and two days claimed by the teachers. However, the PSD will not be willing to commit to deadlines for the accounting process.

In fact, on the same day, the PSD had already announced in Parliament a setback in the proposal on counting teachers' hours of service, removing the rule that would require all teachers to count more than two years in 2019.

The proposals tabled by PSD, CDS-PP, BE, PCP and PEV converged on one point: the partial count proposed by the Government decree, already in force, which returns only two years, nine months and 18 days, would be made for all teachers, with effect from 1 January 2019, and not at the time of the next career progression, as the Government intended.

A few hours before the meeting of the Parliamentary Commission, the deputy secretary general of the PS, Ana Catarina Mendes, was quoted by the "Expresso" as having warned that "the left can not be thrown out" by the left in the votes on the careers of teachers, appealing responsibility". In an interview with the newspaper, which will be published on Saturday, he sent several messages to blocs and communists. "One day we can not say 'what great achievements we have made, how much better life we ​​have brought people,' and on another day we have to throw everything down," he said. "What I am saying is that I hope that in this vote, responsibility and serenity will prevail and that everything that has been achieved over the years will not be laid to rest."

After being known the result, the PS parliamentary leader, Carlos_César, criticized, in declarations to the "Expresso", the "irresponsibility" of the other parties and said to expect that "the norm be stopped", counting on the intervention of the President of the Republic without the possibility of appealing to the Constitutional Court.

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