Parliament condemns creation of Salazar museum with abstention of PSD and CDS – Jornal Económico

At the time of the vote, PSD and CDS abstained, but the left majority – PS, BE, PCP and PEV – approved the vote presented by the communists to the standing committee of the Assembly of the Republic, which replaces the plenary of parliament during the holidays. .

PSD, CDS and PS have announced explanations of vote on this issue that has caused controversy in recent weeks

According to a text from the communist bench, approved by the deputies, the creation of a “museum” dedicated to the memory of dictator Oliveira Salazar in Santa Comba Dão ”is“ an affront to democracy, democratic values ​​”and an“ offense to the memory of the victims of dictatorship".

Through this vote, Parliament calls on the promoters of the museum's creation to "reconsider its position" and to all "public and private entities not to support, directly or indirectly, this initiative."

This position of the parliament comes after the Santa Comba Dão City Council, Viseu district, announced the intention of the municipality to create a New State Interpretive Center, in partnership with other regional entities and included in a network linked to History and Political Memory.

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