Parliament examines PSD's request for debate in Standing Committee today – The Economic Journal

The BE has already stated that it will not "oppose" this PSD initiative, which is also advocated by the CDS-PP, and the PCP has also expressed "all readiness" to hold a meeting of the Standing Committee as soon as possible.

This extraordinary meeting of the conference of leaders was scheduled for 11:30 today by the President of the Assembly of the Republic, Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues, having as "single point" in the agenda the "consideration of the request presented by the parliamentary group of the PSD".

The Standing Committee functions outside the effective period of the Assembly of the Republic, with a composition proportional to the representativeness of the parliamentary groups.

The PSD requested on Monday the President of the Assembly of the Republic an "urgent" meeting of the leaders' conference to set up a debate on Tancos in the Standing Committee, invoking a "suspicion of the Prime Minister's connivance."

In an application addressed to Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues, the Social Democrats write that the prosecution's prosecution in the Tancos case “directly affects a former member of the current government, exposing the existence of extremely serious conduct in the exercise of these colliding political functions. with the commitment made before all the Portuguese to perform the duties entrusted to them with loyalty ”.

“It is hardly believable that the former Minister of National Defense [Azeredo Lopes] he did not articulate, in this process, with the highest government official, when it is public that he did so with a deputy from the PS, which raises the suspicion of the connivance of the prime minister, ”the Social Democrats add.

According to the PSD, “Not only was the Assembly of the Republic denied information within the scope of its Government oversight competence with regard to the Tancos process, but this sovereign body was inebriated by the Government with information, within this process, that do not correspond in the slightest to reality ”.

The PS reacted to this request through Deputy Pedro Delgado Alves, accusing the PSD of wanting to instrumentalize the Standing Committee of the Assembly of the Republic and objected to its call for a debate on Tancos on the eve of legislative elections.

The deputy and vice-president of the socialist bench stressed, however, that the PS will respect the decision that the president of the Assembly of the Republic makes on this matter, after hearing the conference of leaders.

BE's national coordinator, Catarina Martins, assured that her party “will not oppose” the convening of a meeting of the Permanent Commission on the case of Tancos.

"The request was made by the PSD, but for our part we have never objected to the parliament meeting whenever a party proposes it and whenever there is a theme that justifies it," said Catarina Martins.

The president of the CDS-PP, Asunción Cristas, criticized the PS for “not wanting to come to debate and clarify this point”, and in addition to supporting a debate on Tancos, he demanded that Parliament forward the statements made by the Prime Minister. António Costa, and the former Defense Minister, Azeredo Lopes, on this case.

PCP Secretary-General Jerónimo de Sousa accused PSD President Rio of trying to arrange a "lifebuoy" by politically taking advantage of Tancos' weapons theft, but added that the Communists have "all the readiness" that the Standing Committee of the Assembly of the Republic shall meet as soon as possible.

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