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The Assembly of the Republic will discuss on Wednesday the creation of a parliamentary commission of inquiry into the political consequences and responsibilities of the theft of military equipment in Tancos. The proposal was presented by the CDS-PP, which considers that the Government "in a first phase devalued the happened" and try to close the problem "without taking the consequences".

"The CDS-PP noted from the outset that this incident was as serious as it was worrying. Serious because it constituted – and constitutes – the greatest assault on military weapons of this century on the European continent. Concerned that, fifteen months later, what has truly happened remains unclear, "we read in the explanatory memorandum for the constitution of the commission of inquiry, delivered by the CDS-PP in the Assembly of the Republic.

In the draft resolution, the CDS-PP says that "in the face of all the contradictions that have been made public, the country still does not realize what the Government does not know – and should know: what the Government does not know – and should know – because I did not want to know; as well as what the Government does not know because it has been concealed from it ". "And in this case, at what moment, by whom and with what consequences. All this is revealing of the need for accountability, "the party explains.

The disappearance of the material was detected at the end of June last year. In the list of stolen arsenal were almost 1,500 nine-millimeter ammunition, more than 100 hand grenades of various valences, 44 anti-tank rocket grenades of 66 mm and several explosives of high power. The material was found found in the area of ​​Chamusca, 21 km from the parades of Tancos. The Military Judicial Police recovered almost all the military material that had been stolen, except for nine-millimeter ammunition.

The Criminal Investigation Court in Lisbon opened a case to find out more about the case. In the scope of the "Húbris" operation, as it became known, nine defendants, seven soldiers and two civilians were formed. Among the detainees is the director general of the Military Judiciary Police, Luís Vieira.

The CDS-PP also wants the commission "to allow a reflection and evaluation on the functioning of the Ministry of National Defense, as well as on the forms of articulation between the Armed Forces and the various Security Forces and Criminal Police departments, with guardianships dispersed in various Ministries. "

Suspicions that Defense Minister Azeredo Lopes was aware of the cover-up of the case created a growing tension in the government that led to his resignation earlier this month. In a letter sent to the Prime Minister, Azeredo Lopes stated that "he could not let the same Armed Forces be eroded by the political attack on the minister who supervises them."

The proposal to open a committee of inquiry on Tancos should have as favorable votes from the PSD and the PS, so that its approval is already given as a guarantee.

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