Parliament votes on bill to end ratifying fees in health centers – The Economic Journal

Parliament votes on bill to end ratifying fees in health centers - The Economic Journal

The parliament is going to vote today on the bill of the BE that aims to end the rates of moderation in health centers and in consultations or examinations prescribed by professionals of the National Health Service (NHS).

The BE intends that "there should be no more moderating fees for primary health care and for all consultations and health care services that are prescribed by a health professional whose origin is the NHS."

"We need to have a more targeted policy for disease prevention and health promotion, access to primary health care and family doctor care. In order to give priority to this policy, there should not be any type of barrier to access to primary health care, "argues Deputy Moisés Ferreira, in statements to the Lusa agency.

The deputy also understands that it makes no sense to charge fees for consultations and other health benefits that are prescribed by NHS professionals, considering that these rates turn out to be "cloaked co-pay".

The goal of the bloquistas is the end of the moderating rates and the gratuitous access to the care and consider that this is "a step in that direction".

Thus, in the text that will be discussed and voted today in the parliamentary plenary, the Block proposes to "waive the levying of fees" for care, consultation and other health care services in primary health care, as well as "consultations, acts and other health benefits, if the reference source for these is the National Health Service. "

In the explanatory memorandum of the bill, the bloc recalls that, after negotiations with the Government, proposals were made to end the moderating fees in the two situations in the discussion of the new Basic Health Law.

"Another objective is to ensure that this matter around the rates of moderation is already approved in this legislature. This is a matter that has been debated in the framework of a new Basic Law and it came to be included in the agreement that the PS later did not comply and came to be included in the debate in the specialty, "says Moisés Ferreira.

The Member remembers that the PS even had a proposal "with a similar writing" to the one of the Block, but that it sent to its effectiveness for later legislation.

"The BE is presenting this legislation to ensure that in this legislature we materialize this matter," says Moisés Ferreira to Lusa.

In addition, the text of the Block project states that the legislative initiative "serves to realize the majority intention demonstrated in the specialty debate of the new Basic Health Law, and waives the charge of a fee in primary health care and in all health benefits where the source is the SNS ".

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