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The Government will try to ensure that patients who have been waiting for more than a year for normal priority surgery or surgery in hospitals will be served by the end of this year and will improve the clinical indications for these requests.

"We want to ensure that everyone who has normal priority has been waiting for her for more than 12 months to have a consultation or surgery performed by the end of the year," the Health Minister said at a parliamentary hearing at the Health Committee.

Responding to MEPs' questions about exceeding Maximum Guaranteed Response Times (TMRG), the governor further explained that the Government has defined two lines of action to respond to these (normal priority) cases waiting for more than 12 months: to improve referral with a more careful clinical definition and make monthly meetings with each hospital.

"We will give priority to requests for consultation of primary care for hospitals that have not been completed so that these patients have their consultation or surgery by the end of the year," said Marta Temido, stressing that the best referral of these patients will focus on the aspects clinical trials.

Marta Temido acknowledged that these measures will not solve the TMRG problem, but stressed: "We can not continue to have problems like the ones reported here, which weaken credibility in public services."

In response to the CDS, which considered that the solution presented by the Government does not constitute an "encouraging scenario", Minister Marta Temido explained that it represents a step forward from what has been done so far.

For the minister, this solution is "better than what has been achieved" by previous governments.

"We look at the results of guaranteed maximum response times and we find that we can never stop having these black spots that worry us," he said.

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