Patti Smith and Suede are the strong names on the last day of the Paredes de Coura festival – Showbiz

Patti Smith and Suede are the strong names on the last day of the Paredes de Coura festival - Showbiz

The opening of the main stage is the responsibility of the Portuguese Ganso, who are also preparing a new album for 2019, having released the single "Don't bother me", confirmed at the festival after the cancellation of the Americans Crumb, due to health problems. .

Shortly thereafter, Alice Phoebe Lou returns to Portugal, after attending the Festival for Sitting People, in 2018, to present the new work "Paper Castles", a combination of "soul", "jazz" and "blues".

At 19:35, it is Mitsky's turn to take the main stage with her "Be the Cowboy", one of the best critics albums of 2018, which explores the story of a domesticated female character through an intimate and turbulent approach, to be heard at dusk at the Taboão River Beach.

This is followed by the Sensbile Soccers' Aurora. The third and most recent long duration of the Portuguese will "warm up" festival-goers with themes like "Elias Katana", "Luziamar" or "Chavitas", before one of the most anticipated moments of the whole festival.

Singer, poet, photographer, writer and composer, Patti Smith returns to Portugal with her band for a concert at 21:20, which will feature some iconic themes such as “Because the Night”, “Dancing Barefoot” or “People Have the Power, ”by a multi-faceted artist who is well-known in many areas.

The closing of the secondary stage is the responsibility of Kamaal Williams, the project by artist Henry Wu, who returns to Portugal after performing this year at the ID-No Limits festival, one of the names that characterizes the new generation of jazz, which features his "The Return" from 2018.

From 'jazz' to 'hip-hop', while maintaining the mixtures, follows 'rapper oldschool' Freddie Gibbs accompanied by the mythical producer Madlib, recognized as one of the best in the area, who after impressing with the first “Piñata” album, 2014, repeated the feat with “Bandana”, released in June, which promises to cheer up the public.

Suede closes the main stage at the festival's 27th edition at 12:45 am, accompanied by the recent 2018 “Blue Hour”, the first album in five years by one of the most important British bands of the 1990s, with songs like “Beautiful Ones”, “She's In Fashion” or “Animal Nitrate”.

On the 'after hours' stage, London rapper Flohio plays at 2am, an emerging name of its kind with only two EPs, “Wild Yout EP” (2018) and “Nowhere Near” (2016), while Canadian DJ DJ Jayda G closes the festival at 2:50 am with “Significant Changes,” released in March this year.

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