Paulinho Lêmos Trio pays tribute to Tom Jobim in the Republic 14

Paulinho Lêmos Trio pays tribute to Tom Jobim in the Republic 14

Paulinho Lêmos Trio will pay tribute to one of the most renowned musicians in Brazil, Tom Jobim, with a live show at Re-Criativa República 14, in Olhão, tomorrow, Saturday, 8, at 9:30 pm.

“Every time Tom opened the piano, the world got better. Even, for a few minutes, it became a more harmonious, melodic and poetic world. All individual or collective misfortunes seemed minor because, at that moment, there was a man dedicated to producing beauty. Whatever resulted from his gesture of opening the piano – a note, a chord, a song – was so loaded with excellence, sensitivity and wisdom that, exposed to his creation, all of us, his listeners, also improved as human beings. ” That was how the Brazilian writer Ruy Castro defined the human and sensory experience of contact with the music of António Carlos Jobim, one of the parents of bossa nova.

“This will be the state of mind and energy that will be present at the República 14 space, in Olhão, with this Tom Jobim tribute concert”, promises the trio.

Paulinho Lêmos, on guitar and vocals, will be accompanied by Bony Godoy, on bass, and Marcelo Araújo, on drums, interpreting and recreating some of Jobim's great classics, but also some lesser-known pearls from his songbook.

The outer space of República 14 was prepared for the challenges of this new phase. A grid painted on the outside divides the yard into squares of 1.5 meters, in order to comply with the distance required by the rules in force.

Circulation is done by separate circulation circuits that avoid crossing the public.


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