Paulinho Read on Loulé Music Day – Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

Paulinho Read on Loulé Music Day - Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

The Cine-Teatro Louletano marks World Music Day, October 1st (Tuesday), with an absolute premiere, in a commission to the prestigious Brazilian musician Paulinho Lemos, who will perform at the Solar da Música Nova Auditorium, in Loulé, for the 9:30 pm, the unprecedented show “Missing Brazil in Portugal”. Lemos is accompanied by a luxury trio in instrumental formation, composed by Adriano Alves “Dinga” on bass, Vasco Ramalho – professor at the Loulé Conservatory of Music – on marimba and Ricardo Martins on Portuguese guitar, joined by singer Natália Boechat .

For this very special day, where music is celebrated all over the world, and the organization of the event is imbued with a spirit of cultural sharing and artistic communion around a common matrix (the Portuguese language), the renowned and experienced musician. Paulinho Lemos, resident in the Algarve, was challenged to revisit and reinvent great Portuguese songs, associated with notable figures such as Amália Rodrigues, Carlos Paredes, Jose Afonso, Dulce Pontes, Carlos do Carmo, Francisco Jose, Simone, among others. And we challenged Lemos to invite musicians with a strong connection to Loulé for the instrumental formation to present on this unique night.

Paulinho Lemos was born in Porto Velho, northern Brazil, on November 18, 1957. He is a composer, guitarist and singer of Brazilian popular music. Professionalized alongside artists such as Fatima Guedes, Rosinha de Valença, Beth Carvalho, Marisa Gata Mansa, Moacyr Luz and Agenor de Oliveira, among others. He recorded with Cristina Buarque, Raphael Rabello, João de Aquino, Adriano Giffoni and Clara Sandroni, among others.

Living in Portugal since 1988, he is a founding member of Banda Chameleon, with which he has performed in various venues such as Hot Club of Portugal, Belém Cultural Center, B-Flat Jazz Club, Speakeasy, Funchal Jazz Festival, Vila Moura Jazz Club , B-lesa and others. He has been working regularly in several European countries, such as Germany, the Netherlands, France, Austria and Spain. His discography includes the CD Angola Brazil (1995), Camaleão (1996), Space Trio (1997), Basic Necessity (2002), among others, and in 2016 was released the CD and Vinyl Another Dimension.

The show lasts approximately 75 minutes, is recommended for people over six years old and has the associated price per person of 5 € (no discounts apply).

The Louletano Cine-Theater is a cultural structure in the performing arts domain of Loulé City Hall and is part of the Rede Azul – Algarve Theater Network and the 5 Sentidos Network.



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